Constantly evolving, ever expanding.

We do this together. Really. Nearly every piece of work produced on behalf of Peoples Culture, past and present, was accomplished as co-creations. The collaborative nature in which we conduct our work presents a space to grow closer and learn from people and places all over the world. Everything we do is approached with this core idea in mind.

We aim to reformat solutions for tomorrow’s needs. Go to the our “collective” section and you will read about our backgrounds in the non-profit, government, corporate, education, or art sectors. We use this experience to embolden our approach at identifying, understanding, and working to address those concerns that often de-legitimize.

We are after authenticity. Using art as a way to cultivate places of human expression and community, our focus is to holistically identify and work towards changing symptomatic concerns in our society. Why do we do it? Because we care deeply about our collective well-being and feel making beautiful things together is a great way to get at and share these bigger issues.

We are adaptive. To get at the bigger issues often addressed in our work, we believe the creative process must be customized to the individual, a community, or a place. Based on our ethical approach and general experimentation, the best method to being effective adapters is to employ diverse, new, or reoriented mediums. It sometimes takes longer but the results are always honest and consistently better.