Peri Urban

  • Spatial Planning
  • Classic Production

As one of the most secluded peri-urban ger districts in the capital city of Ulaanbaater, Mongolia Khaanuul has a strong social network but lacks access to basic infrastructure including electricity and plumbing. The community has started to self-organize and begin efforts focused on improving sanitation, access to clean water, and bringing electricity supply to central buildings in the district. In an effort to manage stormwater and runoff from snowmelt, a landscape infrastructure plan was outlined to attenuate flooding potential and convey water away from surrounding residences. This involved robust planning efforts and intricate regulatory coordination with an outcome of the first collaboratively designed and built public space in the district.

The project contributed to a prototyping effort for other peri-urban districts surrounding Ulaanbaatar. Photographs of the project have also contributed to the United Nations Office of Disaster and Risk Reduction archive on Mongolia.

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